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General Applications

Rapidan Camps is now accepting applications. We accept general applications every few years, as the capacity of our facility permits

Download 2013 General Application PDF.

The deadline for applications is February 28, 2014.

The following are essential requirements for all general applicants at the time they submit their application:

  • Must be at least 21 years old.
  • Must have rented one or more cabins at least twice in the previous five years, in their own name(s).
  • To become familiar with camp and the membership, prospective applicants must have attended at least one Work Weekend in the previous five years. These are generally held twice per year—the Spring Work Weekend in April or May, and the Fall Work Weekend in October.

In order to accommodate prospective members seeking to attain the work weekend requirement, applications are not due until after the two work weekends. In addition to being mailed, applications can be given directly to Camp President JD Foster at a Work Weekend. Read more about Work Weekends.

The criteria by which the Board of Directors selects from eligible applicants are:

  • Past and prospective future support of the Camps’ Facility and operation, through volunteerism and responsible renting.
  • The ability and spirit to contribute to the camp’s cooperative spirit is very important.
  • Skills relevant to the cooperative’s needs are particularly valued.
  • Support and involvement in Rapidan and other cooperative or volunteer organizations is considered.

About Membership

The purchase price of new membership shares is $800. Members also pay annual maintenance dues, which are currently set at $50. The Board evaluates all applications to select the most suitable applicants for our limited facility.

The benefits and responsibilities of membership include:

  • As a co-owner, we expect you to help take care of the cabins, and at the very least, to be a responsible renter.  We depend on members to help maintain the cabins and grounds, mostly at our Work Weekends, but also throughout the year with smaller projects as needed
  • Rental rates at least 50% less than non-member rates
  • Priority when making reservations
  • Access to our online reservation calendar and the ability to make instant reservations
  • Full participation in the cooperative organization, including voting at annual and special meetings, and access to the extensive Members Area of our website
  • The Rapidan Rambler, our co-op newsletter

Legacy Applications

Legacy Applications are accepted from children of current members in good standing, who are at least 16 years of age. Legacy applications can be submitted at any time, for consideration by the Board of Directors or its designated membership committee.

Download Legacy Application PDF.

For questions about Rapidan Camps, please contact the President and Registrar via email.